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Healthcare Providers Management
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Services & Consultation

Professional Health Care Staffing Agency
Supplementary Staffing for: Hospitals & Clinics, Medical & Dental Offices, Health Centers,  and Nursing Homes.

Health Care Services
Offer allied health and nursing care services for patients in agency contracted hospitals, hospice, health and  rehabilitation centers. Provide assistance in maintaining dignity, respect and enhancing quality of life. Offer tender loving care and affordable professional nursing care and allied health services.

Senior Adult Placement Referral & Consultation
Offering: Free referral and placement information to senior adults and family members. Free initial professional consultation and referral to quality adult foster care homes, nursing homes, assisted living and residential care facilities, retirement homes and other long term care facilities.

Employment Agency - Temporary Healthcare Staffing
Health Care Providers Management is a professional healthcare staffing agency and has specialized job opportunities for Registered Nurses (RN's), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN's), Certified Medication Assistants (CMA's), CNA, Medical and Dental Assistants, Phlebotomist, Medical Secretaries and Receptionist, X-Ray and Med Tech's, Emergency Medical Tech's (EMT), Healthcare and Allied Professionals. We offer short and long term assignments as well as preferences and flexibility of work schedule to our employees.

Consultation & Professional Services
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Education & Training
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