The Vivo Y33s Active: An Unbiased Review


The Vivo Y33s cellular phone is equipped with a powerful YETI HD camera with built-in GPS. This is the all-inclusive hands-free kit, which comes along with many accessories such as the phone case, mobile stand, earphones and a charging cable. The system on a stick also has an integrated LCD screen which enables the user to browse through recent text messages and emails on their phone. The system on a stick can be used for other applications such as controlling one’s TV, music player or PDA as well as controlling one’s smartphone using its GPS feature.

The Vivo Y33s phone comes with an improved version of the existing Vivoactive range which boasts of being ultra slim and having an extremely high memory capacity. The internal memory in the Vivoactive range of phones was already good enough but with the Y33s, it has been enhanced further. The internal memory capacity has increased by approximately half, while the total memory space has been increased by almost another third which makes the Vivoactive even more compelling. The new range also comes with a micro SD card which has twice the storage space of the previous one. The increase in memory space comes at a time when the microSD card has been introduced which is far more powerful than the previous one and is capable of storing more movies and songs than the old one.

With this high end mobile phone, the company has once again launched its flagship smartphone which comes with many features including the super efficient dual LED camera with digital zoom and an eye protection system along with the usual features. The Vivoactive range also boasts of a feature which no other smartphone in the market has – the inbuilt GPS navigation system. In this system, the location of your device is constantly recorded and sent to your email address which allows you to access maps and directions at any time of the day. If you are using Google Maps on your smartphone, then you do not need to worry about this feature as this can be done with the help of the Google Android Auto feature.

The Vivoactive has a few other amazing features such as a pressure sensitive screen which allows the user to feel every detail of the phone which no other handset in the market is able to achieve. Apart from this, the Vivoactive also features a high performance 2.5D Super AMOLED touch screen which is actually a step above the others. To add to all the remarkable features of the phone, it also comes with a very rich operating system which makes it stand out amongst other smart phones in the market. The user has total freedom over the settings and therefore can choose which ones he wants to use. vivo y33s

Apart from the high end and advanced technologies, the Vivoactive also comes with some really useful features that come in handy on a daily basis. One of these is the Vivoactive’s voice dialer which allows you to make up your own voice which helps you when you need to contact somebody. This is very useful in any sort of situation where you might not have somebody to speak to. Apart from this, the camera module of the phone enables you to connect to your email account from any other Android smartphone of yours. So whether you want to send an email or forward the email, the user is given complete freedom over what he/she wants to do.

The Vivoactive has all the qualities that can satisfy the requirements of a professional photographer. If you need to store endless hours of videos, pictures and audio files, then there are plenty of storage space options provided by the phone. The handset also comes with a high-end sound quality, great graphics and the most amazing thing is that the handset is priced at just Rs 1299. This is extremely low as compared to the high end smartphones that are available these days. If you are thinking of buying the Vivoactive, then the best way to shop for it would be online.

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